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Nagaon Temples

Nagaon is specially important in the religious arena of Assam because of the existence of Sri Sri Batadrawa Thaan or Bordowa shrine. Bordowa is the birth place of the great Vaishanava reformer Srimanta Sankardeva. To the Vaishnavaites the shrine is a revered place. Another most important religious spot of Nagaon is the Akashiganga.

The important religious spots and temples located in Nagaon are the following:


Akashiganga is a huge waterfall lying beside the Dabaka-Dimapur National Highway. It is about 50 km southeast of Nagaon town. It is both a tourist spot and a religious place.


Akashiganga derives its name from the famous Akashiganga waterfall. The history of Akashiganga goes back to mythological times. It is said that when lord Shiva wandered with the body of  Parvati (Sati) Lord Vishnu cut the body of Sati into pieces. One of Sati’s body parts fell in Akashiganga. From then onwards people consider the place as sacred as Goddess Parvati’s body part fell here. Akashiganga also finds mention  as a pithasthan in the Kalika Purana. Pithasthan is a holy place associated with Shakti cult.

Religious importance

Akashiganga is of religious significance to the devotees visiting the place as it is considered a sacred place. Akashiganga is sacred to devotees as one of goddess Parvati’s body parts fell in the place. Several devotees throng the place round the year. They take holy dip in the nearby water pool formed by the Akashiganga waterfall.

There are several temples in the place. At the foot of the waterfall ruins of temple could be seen. The ruins of two of the temples belong to the 10 and 12th century. They are of huge archeological importance.

Akashiganga attracts large crowd because of the spectacular beauty of the place. The major attraction of Akashiganga is its exotic scenic beauty. Akashiganga has loft waterfall. It is flocked by people round the year as it is also a picnic spot.

Visitors can have a glimpse of the mighty Brahmaputra river from Akashiganga. In Akashiganga a large herd of elephants could also be seen.

Batadrawa Thaan, nagaonSri Sri Batadrawa Thaan

Sri Sri Batadrawa Thaan or Bordowa is a shrine situated at Nagaon. Bordowa is the birth place of the great Vaishanava reformer Srimanta Sankardeva. To the Vaishnavaites the shrine is a revered place.

Batadrawa was the centre of the spiritual realization of Sankardeva’s core ethical values. Batadrawa is regarded as the Dwitiya Vaikuntha and is even greater than Dwarka or Vaikuntha itself.


The Batadrawa thaan was founded by Srimanta Sankardeva. After returning from his first pilgrimage Sankardeva founded the first namghar at Bordowa. During the time of Sankardeva the word thaan was used in place of Satra. Batadrawa was the centre of the spiritual realization of his core ethical values.

Batadrawa became the first place of  practicing the Ek Sarana Nam Dharma. Monikut was built at the than which served as the residence of the disciples. Thapana was placed in the Monikut with Bhagavata Sastra.

There were no idols. Ek Deva, Ek Sewa, Ek Biney Nahi Kewa was advocated by Sankardeva. Sankardeva discarded all forms of sacrifice.

Hatimura Temple

The Hatimura Temple is a shakti temple. The presiding deity of the temple is goddess Durga. Goddess Durga is worshipped here in the form of Mahisamardini.  The temple is regarded as an important centre of shakti worship in Assam. It was built during the reign of Ahom king Pramatta Singha in 1745-46 AD. It is a brick temple. The goddess is represented here with ten hands. She holds ten different weapons in each hand. The Goddess places her right foot on a lion and with her left foot  pressing the shoulder of the buffalo demon. She is seen piercing the trishula through the body of the demon. It is said that at one time human sacrifice was practiced in the temple.

Kamakhya Temple

The famous Kamakhya temple is situated in Silghat on the bank of the Brahmaputra river. The Ashok Ashtami mela is held every year near the temple.

Saubhagya Madhav, Dulal Madhav and Gopal Madhav

They are the three ancient temples which were built during the time of the Ahom rule in Assam. They were built by Ahom king Siva Singha

Bharali Namghar

It is situated in Hatbar.

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