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Historical Sites and Towns in Nagaon

There are historical sites and towns located in Nagaon. Mention may be made of the following:


Jugijan is an archeological site at Nagaon. The place is famous for the remnants of a fort and three stone temples. The temples were built many centuries ago. They have intricate carvings. There are seven Shivalingas that date back to several hundred years. An 11th century idol of Goddess Chamunda was recovered in the vicinity of the Jugijan in Navanga village.


Doboka is situated 34 km south east of Nagaon town. Doboka was the seat of Doboka kingdom.

Ranthali village

Tourists can also make a trip to Ranthali village famous for Assamese ornaments.


Kampur is a small town in Nagaon district. It shares its borders with Chapormukh and Nagaon town. Kampur is known for its scenic beauty. The population of Kampur depends on agriculture, trade and commerce, transport and government jobs for their employment and income.

Kampur has premier colleges like the Kampur College and Puthimari College for higher education. Among the schools, the Dakhin Kampur High School, the Kampur Adarsha High School, Kampur Girls HS, Kampur HS and MP School for primary and secondary education are worth mentioning.


Kaliabor is a sub division town in Nagaon. It is situated at a distance of 48 km from Nagaon. It is a historic place and scene of several battles against the Muslim invaders in Assam.


Hojai is a small town and a municipal board in Nagaon district. It has a number of consumer product markets. It is the main wholesale market for rice. It is also popular for Agar perfume industry.


Lumding is a municipal board in Nagaon district. It is the second most urban populated area in Nagaon. It is the regional divisional headquarter of the Northeast Frontier Railway and the biggest railway junction in Assam.


Raha is situated bout 22 km west of Nagaon. It was an important chowki during the time of the Ahom rule. Raha is now an important center of trade for agricultural products as paddy, jute and mustard. In Raha is situated the Fishery Training College, the first of its kind in Nagaon.


Jamunamukh is particularly famous for its earthen wares.

Rockland amusement park

Tourist can also plan a visit to Rockland amusement park located in Nagaon.

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