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Nagaon Entertainment

The term entertainment is a whole concept. It includes within it aspects like cinema, dance and music, shopping, outing among others. Nagaon has all the entertainment facilities by which one can relax and find fun. Tourists coming to Nagaon can get themselves entertained by the facilities it provides to the tourists.


Cinema is the major source of entertainment of the people. Cinema hall located in Nagaon are Aditee cinema hall, Krishna cinema hall, Jayashree cinema hall, Elphinstone cinema hall and Dibyajyoti cinema hall.


Radio is another source of entertainment for the people. On the radio could be heard songs, news, plays, interviews etc in Assamese, Hindi, English and other regional languages. Nagaon has the All India Radio, Nagaon. 


Nagaon comprises of rural and urban population. The rural people still find theater the most important source of entertainment. Traditional form of Assamese entertainment is called Bhaona. The theme of Bhaona is based on religion. Bhaona are plays written by Vaishnava saint Srimanta Shankardeva. Bhaonas are usually performed in Nagaon for the entertainment of the people.

Dance & Music

Dance and music are one of the most important aspects of entertainment in Nagaon. Tourists will be surely mesmerized by the Bihu dances performed in Nagaon. Bihu dances are accompanied by Bihu songs known as Bihu Geet. Bihu songs are mainly folk in nature.


Shopping is a favorite activity of the people. It is also a major source of relaxation and entertainment for people. Shopping areas in Nagaon are Daccapatty, Marwaripatty, Stadium market and Mission market and so on. The main market places in Nagaon are Bara bazaar, Natun bazaar and Haibargaon bazaar.

Restaurants & Hotels

Visiting restaurants and hotels also gives entertainment to people. Tourists can relish finest food in some of the finest hotels and restaurants in Nagaon like Abhinandan International hotel, Adhunika hotel, Ashok hotel, Hill view hotel, Parth hotel, Piyus Regency hotel, Relax hotel, Sri Rajasthan hotel, Anisha resort, Hampton Cottage and so on.

Contact number

Abhinandan International hotel: 03672-251096

Adhunika hotel: 03672-272479

Ashok hotel: 03672-255251

Hill view hotel: 03672-272464

Parth hotel: 03672-225316

Piyus Regency hotel: 03672-220088

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