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Profile of Nagaon

Nagaon is a city located in Nagaon disrict of Assam. It is also a municipal board in Nagaon district. Nagaon is situated 123 km from Guwahati.


The name Nagaon comes from two Assamese words Na meaning new and gaon meaning village which in turns forms new village. Hence the name Nagaon.

Nagaon in the late 1810 became the target of Burmese violence. Nagaon was made separate district administration in 1832. The district headquarter was called Nawgaon. Some parts of Nagaon were also ruled by feudal kings. The area of Nagaon then was more of strategic importance and not administrative. Nagaon was earlier called Nawgong. The region latter took the name Nagaon. At a point of time the Naga Hills, the Mikir Hills and North Cachar hills were part of the Nagaon district. They were however, separated in due course of time.


Kolong river, a tributary of the Brahmaputra river, flows through Nagaon. The river divides Nagaon into Nagaon and Haibargaon.

On the north of Nagaon lies the Sonitpur district and Brahmaputra river. Karbi Anglong district lies on the south. On the east is Golaghat district and to the west is Marigaon district. There are wetlands and marshy areas in Nagaon.


Nagaon has a population of 147, 231 according to 20011 census.


Several famous personalities of Assam have been associated with Nagaon. Writer Mahim Bora, classical singer Parveen Sultana, former chief minister of Assam Prafulla Kumar Mahanta has been associated with Nagaon.


Agriculture is the main means of livelihood of the people of Nagaon. Paddy is the principal crop of Nagaon and rice is the staple food. Tea industry is also a major industry in Nagaon. Revenue of the city also comes from fisheries, animal husbandry (poultry, dairy products).

The handloom industry also contributes a large share in the economy of Nagaon. Handicraft is an important cottage and small scale industry. Development of Kuhila craft, pottery and terracotta, jute cane and bamboo products and Rantholi jewellery are the main focus of the small scale industry.

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